Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pop art inspired make-up!

I am just researching and looking over some ideas for broadening my make-up portfolio, and came across some pop art inspired make-up! I absolutely love the creativity and work of these designs, I definitely want to create something like this.

Roy Lichtenstein's famous pop art pieces are well known for the bold primary colours, exaggerated shadowing/highlighting and lots and lots of dots :)

Girl with Hair ribbon by Roy Lichtenstein

Crying Girl by Roy Lichtenstein

Ohhh…Alright by Roy Lichtenstein

His work has been bought to life by Make-up artists and adapted to create gorgeous overall images. This is something I am hoping to explore myself (I will upload designs soon). 

Karin Stone,  a MAC cosmetics make-up artist recreated one of Lichtenstein's famous comic girls for a Halloween collection in 2009. 

19 other beautiful designs were also created by other impressive MAC make-up artists, what is your favourite?

I think the final outcome is stunning, so creative and really amazing to look at, what do you think?? Here are some pictures of her amazing work in progress:

Inspiration has been taken by many make-up artists from Lichtenstein's work and some beautiful imagery has been showcased. Here are some more pictures of other inspirations:

I absolutely love this - Its Incredible! (I wish I knew who had created it)
Pop Art by Emma Farrel

I love how this one has been worn with a polka dot shirt! It looks so good :) by Karina.

These next images were made by Jennifer Corona, her work is so intricate and beautiful, I think these images are stunning!

I am in absolute awe over all of these and cannot wait to start designing my own :) All suggestions welcome, on themes, colours and ways in which my make-up can stand out!! Hope you enjoyed the post!

Speak soon :)

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