Thursday, 31 March 2011

Beautiful Buns for Spring 2011!

The black swan has inspired fashion, styling, makeup and hair since its release in 2010. The ballet bun has again made an appearance in the fashion stakes and has claimed its place at the top of my hairstyle list for 2011.

The classic ballet bun has been around since the mid 1980's, and has since evolved and developed with the time. This trend has been proven to be one of the biggest and easiest hair styles for Spring/Summer 2011. The bun is so versatile and perfect for all occasions, whether its casual, everyday, work, daytime, parties or events, this style can be worn.

The bun is so adaptable and can be worn in so many ways.

This hairstyle can be worn with braids, plaits and twists to give a beautiful updo, perfect for evenings and special events. Jessica Alba has been seen promoting this beautiful hairstyle and it looks perfect on her. Even though the style is messy it still gives an A* feel and a great look, something which I will definitely be copying!!

The hairstyle can be worn on the side of the head to give a contemporary fashion feel. This sort of look is great for fashion photography and evening looks as it gives an edgy feel to the wearer. This style can be worn loose or slick to the head, both looks are adaptable.

This style can be worn low to give a soft, romantic look. Nina Ricci's Spring look 2011 showcased some beautifully effortless low buns, which gave a soft and gentle feel. This look would be perfect for work and daytime as it is so easy to recreate and wear, and works well with all outfits.

I am looking forward to trying these looks out, you should to!

Hope you like the post!

Are you ready for abduction? Katy Perry's E.T makeup!

Katy Perry is well known for her makeup, hair and styling within her career and is always pushing the boundaries with new ideas and creativity. This is shown within her new music video, E.T.

E.T, which is being launched today has some amazingly creative makeup looks. The promotional imagery that I have seen has been really inspiring and so exciting! I love the design and artistry, so pretty!

Kabuki, the makeup artist and head of myface.cosmetics has created some amazing makeup looks, perfect for the new music video. There are 3 different overall looks that I have seen. These looks have been inspired by ancient Rome, futurism and science fiction. The three looks are: an alien look, a fawn look and a tribal look, all of which have elements of futurism within them. The makeup artist based their designs on the themes as well as the outfits and styling. 

Alien look

I love the contrasting colours in this look, the pink and blue work really well together and really compliment each other. I love the eye makeup and the statement lips. Perfect! This is my personal favourite out of the 3 looks!

Nails are such a big trend at the moment, they have been through a phase of not being thought about but now they are top of my beauty list! These nails are not very practical but look amazing in this video and on photo shoots etc. These particular nails remind me of Edward Scissorhands because of the intricate detail. Very pretty!

Tribal look

This is another look from the video, this look is inspired by tribal patterns and colours. I like the textures of the gems and the striking band of colour. I love how in the video the makeup transforms on her face. The styling with this look is flawless, the dress is floaty and free and creates a nice effect from the movement.

Fawn look

This makeup is based on an ancient Roman gladiator with a futuristic twist. The gold chest piece is perfect and compliments the makeup well. The makeup is made up of soft and warm tones of brown, beige etc, infused with different golds. The makeup also gives an animal feel, with the cat shaped eyes and print on the forehead. Gorgeous styling! I also love the huge, chunky gold plaits in the hair!

Katy spoke of the makeup process, saying that she found it hard to keep her patience when she had been sat in the makeup chair for 5-6 hours. It must have taken such a long time to get the perfect result ready for HD filming. The overall looks are stunning and so visual! 

Take a closer look at the music video, below:

Hope you guys enjoy the post, let me know what you think of the makeup!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Barry M have cracked it again! 3 beautiful new shades of Nail Effects!

I was just browsing some new looks for my nails this spring and came across Barry M's new nail effects! 

The original nail effects in black magic was incredibly popular and  I saw so many people wearing it in many different ways, such as covering the whole nail, painting half, or only painting the tip.

Here are some more pictures of how the nail effects looks with different nail polishes:

As you can see the nail effects can dry in many different ways, either stripy like a barcode, patchy, blotchy and sometimes even looking like animal print. Have a play around to get the best look for you :)

I dreamed of the nail effects coming out in different colours and now it has, in 3 perfect shades for summer! Pink Fizz, White frost and Blue print, I'm especially excited for White frost, I think it will look amazing with pastel shades or neon colours!!

If any of you find it hard to paint nails or create a pretty effect with nail polish, this is the perfect product to use. It does not need a perfect application and it does all the hard work for you, if your feeling more creative you may be able to try new looks, let me know if you have used it in different ways!!

For £3.95 its the cheapest and easiest nail art to buy, and I love the finished effect! I know that Boots have Barry M nail paints on offer for 2 for £5, which has included Black Magic Nail effects. I am unsure if the new colours are in this offer also but I will definitely be finding out in the next few days as I will be snapping these up for Summer 2011!

Speak soon,

Monday, 28 March 2011

Spring i-D Magazine feat. Lady Gaga on the cover!

The Exhibitionist Issue of i-D magazine which was issued on 24th March showcases beautiful eclectic clothing. This issue has a series of four different covers. The first features Lady Gaga, photographed by Mariano Vivanco and styled by Nicola Formichetti for Mugler. I think you'll agree the images are beautiful,  I LOVE the makeup, its stunning and so creative! What a beautiful selection of pictures!

Hope you enjoy the post!

Previews for my FMP, Makeup inspired by Greek Mythology!

Hey everyone :)

I've been working hard on my FMP, a makeup book inspired by Greek Mythology. I recently got some preview images of 2 of my characters, Medusa and the Basilisk.

I would really appreciate your feedback and comments!

Hope you like my work!





Makeup & Hair Design/Application: Francesca Rose
Medusa Model: Sophie Garwood
Basilisk Model: Ashleigh Hewitt
Photography: Tom Langford

Friday, 11 March 2011

Illamasqua - Toxic Nature 2011

It was just over a year ago when I heard about ILLAMASQUA, a new and exciting makeup brand which 'DARED TO BE DIFFERENT' and it certainly is that. 

I study at Southampton Solent University and for one of our projects we were able to collaborate with the budding brand. I was able to meet Spob, one of the Illamasqua team, she gave us a talk about the brand, their heritage and what they are planning for the future! Exciting Stuff!

We were shown their brand film, which I love, its great to know how they evolved and where they take their inspiration from. Have a look at the brand film below :)

The brand has influenced how I see and use makeup now, allowing me to push the boundaries of makeup artistry and creativity, creating a dramatic look which may be developed in unconventional ways or techniques. This I feel, is exactly how Illamasqua feels towards makeup, they want to create 'ground-breaking and enhanced formulations'.

I love taking inspiration theatre, film and television as well as period looks, as you can see on my website which is extremely similar to the inspiration behind Illamasqua.

I have loved each and everyone of their makeup campaigns, each has been unique and individual, as well as breathtaking and original, like nothing I have seen before! AMAZING!

Here are some images from previous campaigns:

Sirens - Spring/Summer 09

'Inspired by the powerful beauty of the Sirens, the captivating, brutal nature of their appeal and the undeniable pull of their decadent existence, Illamasqua has created a new make-up collection designed to glorify the divine being within us all.

The collection provides a cornucopia of sumptuous shades, from shimmering corals and aquamarines, to luscious golds and bronzed metallics. With products to enhance the face, eyes, lips and nails, Sirens lets you indulge your alter ego, and ensure that your summer nights are even hotter than the days.'

Dystopia - Autumn/Winter 09

'Dystopia is a futuristic vision of a fractured and dark society. Inspired by insane London club night Black Balloon, and Fritz Lang’s masterpiece, Metropolis, Illamasqua has created a collection that echoes the artistry of 1920s Berlin’s darkest films. A world of broken shadows and stark light. A distorted, nightmarish, mad reality. With eerie shades and twisted monochromatic tones, fused with a burst of neon colour, Dystopia is as cruel as it is beautiful.

Not for the faint-hearted, Dystopia is a strong statement of defiant confidence. Where the dark meets the light. Monochrome shades build and blend, brought alive by flashes of intense pink and lurid purple, while dazzling pigments, metallic textures and iridescent finishes all add to the drama of this strikingly uncompromising look. As the nights grow longer, bring your alter ego out of the shadows and illuminate your individuality.'

Body Electrics - Spring/Summer 10

'Introducing the first collection of make-up for the whole body from Illamasqua. 

Inspired by the power of kinetic energy and the fluidity of the body in motion, the Body Electrics range ignites the skin with intensity and highlights the body's every twist and turn to exquisite perfection. Ensuring you exude a confidence that's more than skin deep.

The collection is an anthology of creams, powders and dry body oils filled with light, shimmer and shine, designed to highlight and contour your whole body. Containing hyper-pigmented light-reflecting particles that infuse the skin with intense colours and finishes, each product in the range has been created to accentuate every movement and take body make-up to a whole new level.'

Art of Darkness - Autumn/Winter 10

'Deep in an enchanted forest, the scene is set for a sumptuous feast. The chosen have arrived. Where this night will end no one knows. Not even death is inevitable. 

Lured by the promise of immortality, a host of fantastical beings try their hand at creating the ever-elusive Elixir of Life. The resulting potions dazzle the eye and ensnare the senses, a beautiful array of jewel-like substances. They may not deny mortality, but they do make the theatre of life a more colourful stage on which to play.

It’s a melting pot of individuals, where ideas are exchanged, and new ones created. A surreal gathering from which the guests might never awake. Which is why this night can never end, and the game must be played for eternity.

So take your place at the table and let the banquet begin.'

This is Art of Darkness.

Inspiration from Valentine's Day - THROB Collection

'Feel your pulse quicken, your heart throbbing in your chest. These are Illamasqua’s latest offerings at the altar of beauty, guaranteed to make you gasp with pleasure.'

Check out more of the campaign imagery at

And last but not least, I wanted to show you the highly anticipated new collection for Spring/Summer 2011 - Toxic Nature!

'In retaliation against the genetically modified society that plunders it, the landscape has issued forth a torrent of hybrid shades. Corrupted hues glister amongst muted tones - extreme, intoxicating versions of their original selves.
This is an atomic-botanical environment where survival is key and camoflague by colour is the path to existence.
We scoured the abandoned toxic wastelands of the world to create an eclectic selection of corrupted hues for the eyes, lips, nails, face and body. Flitting effortlessly from poisonous pastel to hazardous neon, this cataclysmic mix of brave new tones take your look to the outer limits of nature's palette.
Become a herald of the new age of Toxic Nature with uncharted night-time make-up.'

Here is the new collections advertising film:

The collection is absolutely stunning and the imagery is perfect, I love how Illamasqua create a whole mood and atmosphere with their makeup, this film is incredible, I would love to be a part of this brand, so inspirational.

The images below capture Illamasqua at its best, I can still see their heritage and the links to theatrical makeup as well as editorial and artistry makeup.

I can safely say Illamasqua keep getting better and better, I absolutely adore these new promo shots and cant wait to grab myself some new pieces from the collection and see what they come up with next!!

Looking forward to what you think of the new collection!

And don't forget: Illamasqua is makeup for your alter ego :)

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Get the London look with Rimmel's new Glam eye's eye shadow!

Following on from my previous post I just saw the new advertising for Rimmel's new makeup campaign for getting the 'London look'.

I like all of the makeup designs and colours within the new collection and think the palettes are perfect for adding a splash of colour ready for Spring/Summer 2011!

Go grab your perfect palette now :) x

Bright eyes makeup trends for Spring/Summer 2011!

Trends in makeup evolve just as much as those in fashion. Makeup is forever changing and being developed to suit different clothing trends and fashion styles. It is important to keep up-to-date with current styles an techniques as this will help to give your image a contemporary feel. Allowing yourself to change and adapt your own makeup style will keep you feeling your best. 

Using current trends within your makeup does not mean you have to conform to those ideas, you can just use elements such as colours, techniques and application etc.

One of the hottesest makeup trends for spring/Summer 2011 is bright eye colour, I think it is fab, just what you need to brighten up an outfit ready for Spring! Colours are warm and bold as well as evoking Spring/Summer and looking fresh and clean, without being over the top.

Here are some photos which show the makeup trend at its best!

Designers/ Fashion shows

Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Spring/Summer 2011 makeup looks from Dior were a mix of vintage, pin-up hair and vivid, colourful makeup shades. I think the outcome is super, I love the pin-up feel of the whole show.

Derek Lam

Derek Lam

Carolina Herrera

NARS for Marc Jacobs

NARS for Marc Jacobs



Katy Perry's bright eyed makeup for the Grammys

Hayley Williams' bright eye makeup for the Grammys

Lady Gaga performs at the Grammys

Beautiful work! Cant wait to try some looks out for myself!

Thanks for having a look!