Friday, 4 February 2011

Swinging Sixties shoot!

I have spent most of the day so far going over new ideas and sourcing models for my portfolio and FMP. Its going pretty well, I have got 2 shoots provisionally sorted for next week (good stuff!) and hopefully I want to get one more sorted! That shouldn't be too hard!! 

My first Shoot is on Tuesday and Im going for a 1960's inspired look. I was taken away by the 60's look in the new AOFM make-up book 'Makeup is art'. I think the picture is lovely and I hope to create something like this, luckily I have the perfect model too :) 

From this book I have also looked at many other images from the 60's to inspire me :)

Twiggy was the super model of her time, 1960's beauty oozes from her and she looks effortlessly beautiful. Her signature look is how many people remember the 60's, with big, bold eyelashes, heavy eye liner and nude lips.

As well as Twiggy, there was also the ever beautiful Edie Sedgwick. Her iconic features and look of the time also gave her supermodel status. 

Whilst researching the era and make-up/hair at the time, here are some of my favourite images that capture the beauty of the 1960's.

I love the hair and make-up in this, so natural looking - effortless

The 1960's had many elements within hair and make-up design/application that makes it stand out. Particularly the eyes and lips as well as signature hairstyles.To recreate a 60's look, there are few elements to be careful of. The look is made up by wearing thick, dark eyelashes, heavy eye liner, layered/contrasting eye shadow and a nude lip. This look can still be seen in areas of the fashion industry today and has been recycled many times by fashion designers for their catwalk looks.

The Face:

This is made up to look as natural as possible. Concealer is used sparingly as well as a sheer powder, to cover any blemishes or flaws. Alternatively a healthy looking primer, such as benefits pretty in pink or moisturiser can be applied to give the same look. Blusher can also be added to warm up the face, although its not a key element to this look. Pale colours are best to use, such as light peach, coral or pink.

The Eyes:
Prepare the eyes with primer and then lightly coat the lid with a natural/nude eye shadow, preferably a matt shade. White eye shadow can also be used and is often seen as a highlight colour on the brow bone. Then to add the contrast use a dark shade of eye shadow such as deep blue, black, dark grey or purple and add to the crease of the eye, creating a soft look.... Then for the exciting part: Eye liner! There are so many ways that the eye liner was applied that I have included images to show you the differences. However, in most cases the eye liner is dark, heavy and bold, it is usually exaggerated by being worn underneath the eyes and above the eyelid.

After the eye liner has dried you can attach the false lashes of your choice (remember to patch test and measure them on your eyes before application and apply mascara after!), alternatively you can apply a few thick, luscious coats of volumising mascara in jet black on bot sets of eyelashes: top and bottom! For an even more exaggerated look, eye lashes can also be applied on the bottom row or eye liner can be used to draw on a few eyelashes on the bottom lid, this creates a more prominent eye. 
The Lips:
The key idea in the sixties was to have nude lips or very pale. Foundation can be used on the lips to take out any natural pinkness etc. Firstly, apply a lip liner to define the lip area and give a more polished overall finish. Matt lipsticks work really well for this look especially in nude, light peach and pale pink colours, off-white can also be very eye-catching. Lip gloss and lip sticks can also be used but should remain in pale tones.If your lips are very pink, then put some concealer over them to make them more pale. . 

So many gorgeous pictures, have a look for yourself!!

I cannot wait until Tuesday!!! Speak soon :) xx

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