Monday, 26 March 2012

Illamasqua - Human Fundamentalism Collection 2012

Hey everyone,

Illamasqua is probably my favourite makeup brand. I love the ethos and attitude that Illamasqua has and how they manage to make their products so relevant.
I adore how they create and play with texture, luxury and colour! Especially their wonderful colours: who said we cant wear a teal lipstick? Right!
I have been with Illamasqua since the beginning and have seen their collections get better and better, I absolutely loved the toxic nature and Throb collection, and I think their newest collection is my favourite.
Human Fundamentalism is the brand new and exciting range by Illamasqua, they describe the collection below:

They go on to say:

'RISE ABOVE MAINSTREAM LIMITATIONS and exist in a world where individuality is received with celebration not derision, and breaking the mould is a sign of strength not instability'.

Check out the collection video...Whats not to love? 

Here is the behind the scenes video:

And if your into nails, check out this video too - I do love the precision ink in Scribe! Very beautiful.

I love the look of these nails so much that I am definitely going to purchase the Precision Ink in White - AMAAAZING!

Take a look at some of the promotional imagery, absolutely beautiful, I love it all!

What a great collection for this Spring :) beautifully bright colours! Cant wait to get my hands on these products!!

Let me know what you think of this collection too!!


  1. I love Illamasqua! Their adverts are always AMAZING! :)xx

  2. never really got around to try one of their products but I only heard good things about them. It's about time, I know. These pictures are really inspiring. lovely blog, doll <3

  3. GOSH! i love love this post :D :D :D

  4. Stunning! And I really love your blog! : )