Thursday, 31 March 2011

Are you ready for abduction? Katy Perry's E.T makeup!

Katy Perry is well known for her makeup, hair and styling within her career and is always pushing the boundaries with new ideas and creativity. This is shown within her new music video, E.T.

E.T, which is being launched today has some amazingly creative makeup looks. The promotional imagery that I have seen has been really inspiring and so exciting! I love the design and artistry, so pretty!

Kabuki, the makeup artist and head of myface.cosmetics has created some amazing makeup looks, perfect for the new music video. There are 3 different overall looks that I have seen. These looks have been inspired by ancient Rome, futurism and science fiction. The three looks are: an alien look, a fawn look and a tribal look, all of which have elements of futurism within them. The makeup artist based their designs on the themes as well as the outfits and styling. 

Alien look

I love the contrasting colours in this look, the pink and blue work really well together and really compliment each other. I love the eye makeup and the statement lips. Perfect! This is my personal favourite out of the 3 looks!

Nails are such a big trend at the moment, they have been through a phase of not being thought about but now they are top of my beauty list! These nails are not very practical but look amazing in this video and on photo shoots etc. These particular nails remind me of Edward Scissorhands because of the intricate detail. Very pretty!

Tribal look

This is another look from the video, this look is inspired by tribal patterns and colours. I like the textures of the gems and the striking band of colour. I love how in the video the makeup transforms on her face. The styling with this look is flawless, the dress is floaty and free and creates a nice effect from the movement.

Fawn look

This makeup is based on an ancient Roman gladiator with a futuristic twist. The gold chest piece is perfect and compliments the makeup well. The makeup is made up of soft and warm tones of brown, beige etc, infused with different golds. The makeup also gives an animal feel, with the cat shaped eyes and print on the forehead. Gorgeous styling! I also love the huge, chunky gold plaits in the hair!

Katy spoke of the makeup process, saying that she found it hard to keep her patience when she had been sat in the makeup chair for 5-6 hours. It must have taken such a long time to get the perfect result ready for HD filming. The overall looks are stunning and so visual! 

Take a closer look at the music video, below:

Hope you guys enjoy the post, let me know what you think of the makeup!


  1. What a great pictures! Don't often comment on blogs, but I just had to say it!

  2. They are gorgeous pictures! Thanks for the comment!