Thursday, 31 March 2011

Beautiful Buns for Spring 2011!

The black swan has inspired fashion, styling, makeup and hair since its release in 2010. The ballet bun has again made an appearance in the fashion stakes and has claimed its place at the top of my hairstyle list for 2011.

The classic ballet bun has been around since the mid 1980's, and has since evolved and developed with the time. This trend has been proven to be one of the biggest and easiest hair styles for Spring/Summer 2011. The bun is so versatile and perfect for all occasions, whether its casual, everyday, work, daytime, parties or events, this style can be worn.

The bun is so adaptable and can be worn in so many ways.

This hairstyle can be worn with braids, plaits and twists to give a beautiful updo, perfect for evenings and special events. Jessica Alba has been seen promoting this beautiful hairstyle and it looks perfect on her. Even though the style is messy it still gives an A* feel and a great look, something which I will definitely be copying!!

The hairstyle can be worn on the side of the head to give a contemporary fashion feel. This sort of look is great for fashion photography and evening looks as it gives an edgy feel to the wearer. This style can be worn loose or slick to the head, both looks are adaptable.

This style can be worn low to give a soft, romantic look. Nina Ricci's Spring look 2011 showcased some beautifully effortless low buns, which gave a soft and gentle feel. This look would be perfect for work and daytime as it is so easy to recreate and wear, and works well with all outfits.

I am looking forward to trying these looks out, you should to!

Hope you like the post!


  1. Gorgeous Buns, you may have to give me the jessica alba one for my show pretty please xxx

  2. Jessica Alba looks absoloutley stunning with a French Plait....she is gorgeous anyway but she has really shown some beauty with that plait.

    Gorgeous as always.