Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Barry M have cracked it again! 3 beautiful new shades of Nail Effects!

I was just browsing some new looks for my nails this spring and came across Barry M's new nail effects! 

The original nail effects in black magic was incredibly popular and  I saw so many people wearing it in many different ways, such as covering the whole nail, painting half, or only painting the tip.

Here are some more pictures of how the nail effects looks with different nail polishes:

As you can see the nail effects can dry in many different ways, either stripy like a barcode, patchy, blotchy and sometimes even looking like animal print. Have a play around to get the best look for you :)

I dreamed of the nail effects coming out in different colours and now it has, in 3 perfect shades for summer! Pink Fizz, White frost and Blue print, I'm especially excited for White frost, I think it will look amazing with pastel shades or neon colours!!

If any of you find it hard to paint nails or create a pretty effect with nail polish, this is the perfect product to use. It does not need a perfect application and it does all the hard work for you, if your feeling more creative you may be able to try new looks, let me know if you have used it in different ways!!

For £3.95 its the cheapest and easiest nail art to buy, and I love the finished effect! I know that Boots have Barry M nail paints on offer for 2 for £5, which has included Black Magic Nail effects. I am unsure if the new colours are in this offer also but I will definitely be finding out in the next few days as I will be snapping these up for Summer 2011!

Speak soon,


  1. These are pretty damn cool. Think I'm going to have to get the pink one in my beauty box :D xxx