Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Vivienne Westwood at London Fashion Weekend 2011!

London Fashion Weekend is a great way to see the current makeup trends as well as how makeup has been used and shown. The makeup design throughout London Fashion Weekend was of a creative, vibrant and playful take on the medium. Fashion designers indulged in combining eccentric makeup whilst showcasing their personal collections, and in my opinion it gave a great visually exciting show. 

A personal favourite of mine was Vivienne Westwood's creation. The makeup for her Red Label fashion show was created by the amazing Alex Box, her work is so inspirational, modern and individual. The looks she designed and executed were beautiful, colourful and unique. The models varied in the amount of makeup used, some had their own individual mist of makeup in bold contrasting colours which sculpted and highlighted the face, even though it appeared to be applied sporadically! Yet others had minimal makeup with only a stroke of colour. The makeup gives a painty feel yet graphic and grafitti-like. 

Alex described her work as "...if a child has finger-painted over the top of a beautiful 18th century veneer painting. It's surreal but serene". 

Not also forgetting to mention the hair designer, Malcolm Edwards. His work was sculptured, full of texture and conceptual, channelling the eccentric Vivienne Westwood which was perfectly shown. Textured to the max, each hairstyle was individually styled with a mix of shapes and angles, as well as the experimentation of colour in the hair and avant garde hair art. I think Malcolm Edwards described the show perfectly, saying it was

 "Exciting, like Westwood should be" 

The collaboration between Vivienne, Alex and Malcolm resulted in a chaotic mix of clashing patterns, bright colours and big hair! 

If you havent seen it already, check out the show here:

Throughout the whole of this show it is easy to see the message that is being conveyed:Do not be afraid to lose your inhibitions. Choose to embrace the unexpected, experiment with new and different ideas, dont always conform to the usual, sometimes even dare to be unusual to create something unique and beautiful.

Dare to be Different!

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